BGET can provide clients with the leading energy consulting service and professional technical supports to further improve the capability and performance of existing installations, to integrate new process installation into present operation system and efficiently solve environmental issue towards clients.

Clean Coal Combustion Business:
In the Coal-Chemical filed, we are launching with Sinopec on clean coal combustion business and technical cooperation.BGET can offer global leading technical solution on clean coal combustion to effectively settle key problem of brown coal scaling inside furnace as to upgrade the capability and performance of installation, reduce operating costs, lower energy consumption and improve a healthy and safe industrial environment.

Integrated Solutions of LNG Cold Energy Utilization Engineering:
Combining with particular case and integrated planning of LNG Terminals, BGET can provide one-stop solution with client on LNG cold energy utilization including power generations, air separations, seawater ice-making, and seawater desalting etc, which efficiently realize gradient utilization of cold energy and ensure safety and reliability on production and operation.

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