The new energy equipment industry: Prime Minister mention Update time:2015/8/7 15:37:43
Premier Li Keqiang held a press conference in March 15th to mention the Internet + and environmental protection.
Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that, the station on the opening of the "Internet + homeopathy, will make Chinese economy fly; to to haze pollution" Declaration of war "and no" truce ". No matter is the rise of the Internet in the energy or haze rule determination, pointed out the direction of the transformation of the energy in our country, which include the rise of the Internet in the energy, new energy power generation accounted for the proportion of total generating capacity increased, the promotion of electric vehicles and cross regional transmission line construction.
The energy Internet is a big data management platform for the construction of the electricity side and the user side. Electric power system reform, in the power generation side and the formation of effective competition, the transmission and distribution of electricity in the formation mechanism, and promote the development and utilization of new energy and renewable energy, and actively develop distributed energy, the formation of the energy Internet in the electricity supply side, in the user side, electric vehicle charging piles, industrial and commercial energy saving, carbon emission reduction and energy saving needs of more diverse user needs. Energy Internet can use smart grid technology and big data to achieve the dynamic balance of the sale of electricity and electricity side.
The introduction of new energy vehicles, the industry boom is expected to remain. Jiangsu province in 2015 the new energy vehicles subsidy rules promulgated, the detailed rules for pure electric passenger car by the highest per 24000 yuan subsidy, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (including increased program) 14000 yuan per subsidy.
In terms of charging facilities subsidies, charging facilities to be subsidized by charging power, AC charging piles per kilowatt 800 yuan, 1200 yuan per kilowatt DC charging pile. We believe that efforts to backslide the subsidies in line with our expectations, we maintain the 2015 new energy automobile market to start point of view invariant, the policy introduced will be conducive to the new energy vehicle enterprises in Jiangsu Province.
Energy security and the transformation of the energy structure needs to vigorously develop renewable energy, while the development of wind power, photovoltaic and biomass power generation is also an important part of the 2015 government work report. To achieve the 2020 from non fossil energy consumption ratio increased to 15%, we expect the photovoltaic wind power of average annual new installed capacity reached 20GW and 16GW. Photovoltaic wind power will also by supplemental energy to alternative energy transformation.
This week our key recommendation: Hengsheng (29.88, -0.23, 0.76), Chint electric (37.72 2.51 7.13%), high electrical (19.79, 0.10, 0.51%), Fushun Special Steel (31.88, -0.38, 1.18%), gold wind technology (15.30, -0.08, - 0.52%), Hunan Electric shares (17.46, 0.25, 1.45%), Lin Yang electron (32.25, -0.50, - 1.53%), Lungi shares (37.80, -0.03, - 0.08%), sun power (2.505, 0.94, -3.62%) tall group (18.30, 0.17, 0.94%), Kang Sheng Industrial (20.48, 0.23, 1.14%).
Risk tip: policy does not reach expectations, the industry slowdown in the pace of development.
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