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Fog is not a motor vehicle to blame? This is a problem. Since 2014, the new energy vehicles will become the industry's dark horse, 2015 is expected to open up the market space of hundreds of billions. Regional air governance also brings an opportunity for new energy vehicles. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission on the introduction of new energy vehicles, new energy automobile production qualification is expected to open the relaxation.
New energy vehicle production qualification to relax the billion market expected to open in early puberty
United Nations survey report shows that air pollution in the world's cities, nearly six into the vehicle exhaust. Beijing city in April 2014 announced the first PM2.5 source analysis showed that the vehicle emissions accounted for up to 31.1%, even more than the traditional pollution of coal, the biggest reason is that the rising number of motor vehicles.
Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Wang ys researcher in atmospheric haze chase for and control special research results indicate, 2009-2011 PM2.5 in Beijing, Tianjin region, about 30% (10-50%) source in automotive and related industries.
Fog is not a motor vehicle to blame? At the beginning of the year, the topic of this topic has become the hot topic of the common people.
New energy vehicles billion market space is expected to open
2014 by the industry as the first year of new energy vehicles. According to statistics, last year 1 to November, China's new energy vehicles cumulative production of 56700, the annual sales of 6-7 million, this figure is 5 times in 2013, and the annual output of 83900.
2015 is "1025" planning environmental objectives and tasks of the ending years, under the background of a number of policies issued, environmental issues of concern, the new energy vehicles are expected to drive onto the "fast track". New energy vehicles to become two sessions this year, the big hot spots in the Internet to promote national strategy, coupled with the acceleration of public awareness of environmental protection, new energy vehicles will usher in the first year of the outbreak, is expected to become the 2015 new economy, the strongest wind".
In 2015, the domestic new energy vehicle sales are expected to grow 100%-150%, the market is expected to open the market space. Coupled with the introduction of new energy vehicles have been introduced in recent years, a strong boost to the industry development.
Regional air governance also brings an opportunity for new energy vehicles
End of last year, Shenzhen a paper purchase order again to break the car city quiet. According to the new regulation, Shenzhen annual tentative new car buying index 10 million, which 2 000 index only for electric cars take Yaohao, which accounts for 1 / 5 of a year total new car registration number. To the new energy vehicles, the green light is not the first case in Shenzhen. From Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, including Hangzhou and other purchase of the city point of view, the same as the new energy vehicles to set aside a larger space for development. The most typical example is Shanghai, because of subsidies in place and free to send cards, BYD Qin is a car market in Shanghai. And with the future of the purchase of measures to gradually spread, will further stimulate the new energy vehicle market. To this end, the major car companies have to accelerate the pace of new energy vehicles to accelerate the introduction of.
From the China Automobile Industry Association, according to statistics, in 2014 78000 new energy vehicles, sales of 75000, an increase of 3.5 times and 3.2 times compared with the previous year. Compared to the energy saving and new energy automotive industry development plan 2012-2020 in 2015 to reach 500000, 2020 reached 5000000 cumulative production and sales, the current industrial development space is very large.
In addition, as a major national strategy to promote the capital economic circle, the Bohai economic zone and the entire northern economic development, Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative development planning will bring great opportunities for development. Among them, the integration of haze, the air pollution control and other needs, new energy vehicles to accelerate the promotion of increasingly showing the need, but also usher in development opportunities.
Deputies to the National People's Congress, Beiqi Group Chairman Xu Heyi proposed in Beijing Tianjin Hebei economic cooperative development strategy background, should increase the promotion of new energy vehicles and popularization. In his view, it is necessary to Beijing, Tianjin and integration oriented, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as a whole region, the joint, vigorously promote new energy vehicles in an important position, giving more attention and policy support.
Five years of new energy vehicles "weaning"
"There is no any one industry can rely on subsidies to maintain long-term, if after such a long period of subsidies, not the emergence of a few top-notch enterprise that this road is not feasible." Country 863 "energy saving and new energy vehicles" major project supervision consulting group leader Wang Binggang has publicly expressed on the media.
In the infrastructure facilities are not perfect, product performance and cost has not been able to achieve the expected background, policy support to stimulate the market is the world's all countries in the promotion of new energy vehicles are in the path, but a market maturity is clearly not alone policy and subsidies. Recently, the industry sources, in the current backslide mechanism, countries, or in 2020 cancel subsidies for new energy vehicles.
New energy automobile production qualification is expected to open the relaxation
National Development and Reform Commission recently released a new pure electric passenger car production enterprises investment projects and production access management regulations for public comment. The "Regulations" requirements, approved by the new pure electric passenger car production enterprises can only produce pure electric passenger car, can not produce any less than the engine for the driving force of the car products, new enterprise production must use its own brand. Industry
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